Wanted: 850 pre-MKIII Oil Pump
Dave Friesen is looking for an 850 pre-MKIII Oil Pump.

Wanted: Motorcycle Signs & Memorabilia
Mike Tyler is (always) looking for any old school cool Norton/Triumph//BSA/Vincent signs and other interesting vintage motorcycle memorabilia for his “man cave” garage.

Wanted: Used Motorcycle Tanks, Helmets, Tools, and Gear/Clothing
Ronnie is looking for old motorcycle tanks and helmets that are being let go for cheap, as well as any old motorcycle gear & clothing that no longer is wanted.

For Sale

Free: 140W Gear Oil
Dennis has a large supply of 140W Gear Oil to share with anyone that wants to replace the oil in the rear swing arm. I also have a syringe with plastic tubing to install it with. It takes very little to fill it up. During riding and siting, the swing arm tends to loose it’s oil. When was the last time you checked yours? I bought this gear oil from Moss Motors in California. Only place I could find that did not want to sell you a 50 gallon drum of it! Came in liter container. Apparently this grade of gear oil is used in MG TC transmissions.

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