Feb 2nd – ONE Monthly Meeting

Feb 2nd – ONE Monthly Meeting

We encourage all members to attend the February club meeting at Horse Brass on February 2nd at 11AM.

As mentioned at the January club meeting, following the February club meeting, we will ride over to George’s place for a two-part tech session!

1. Tool-time:
George “the tool-man“ Kraus, will provide an interesting overview of some of those unusual tools that we all have in our toolboxes but don’t know what they are actually used for!

Please take a look at the last newsletter for a sneak preview of some of the special Norton tools.
Link: http://oregonnorton.org/2019/norton-bits-newsletter-jan-2019/

2. Claying & polishing:
Dennis Torgeson has very kindly offered to provide a demonstration on how to “clay“ and polish a gas tank. Inspiration for getting our bikes ready for spring!

Assuming good weather, George will lead the ride back to his home or we will hand out directions.

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